Z3 LS1 Swap: Post Processing Featured

Final Image | © Dale Martin Final Image | © Dale Martin

Had a chance to photograph a LS1 Swapped BMW Z3 with my buddy Brandon Lajoie at Vorshalg in Plano Texas.  We originally decided to light the car with strobes.  After the first few test shots we decided to scrap the strobes and break out an LED light from my light bag to light "paint" the car. It turned out pretty well. More info on the light being used after the break.

Light painting involves taking a long exposure in relative darkness anywhere from 10 seconds and up(normally) and using one light source to then "paint" light into your photograph. It can take a few tries to get the overall look you are going for. I suggest experimenting with different lengths of exposures and light intensity. Afterward through post processing it's a matter of combining the different exposures in photoshop.

With 126-LED lights for optimum illumination and diffuser.

Neewer CN-126 LED Video Light for Camera or Digital Video Camcorder

The light above was intended for use with video as it comes with a built in shoe mount to sit a top of your camera however it works great for long exposure photography too. There is a built in dimmer switch to allow for brightness adjustment. The color temperature is rated for 5400k which provides a pure white light although there are additional filters that come with the kit to modify this. Most of all it's affordable and provides a good quality light source. A special thanks to Ste Ho of shutterlit.com for introducing this light to me. I bought three of them. =)

  • DSC 2714 1

    Original Image - Shot with ambient lighting

  • DSC 2714 1

    Light paint exposure #1

  • DSC 2714 1

    Light paint exposure #2

  • DSC 2714 1

    Light paint exposure #3

  • DSC 2714 1

    Light paint exposure #4

  • DSC 2714 1

    Final Image - Created by combining previous exposures

Above is a step by step explanation of the post processing process.

* Use your arrow keys on your keyboard or use swipe touch gestures on the image to navigate.


Dale Martin

Automotive Photographer and Retoucher based out of Texas

Website: dalemartinphoto.com


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