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Post Processing: Matte Black Lamborghini Aventador

Final Image | © Johan Lee Final Image | © Johan Lee

Photographing exotic cars is always a unique challenge. They usually maintain very dramatic lines, shapes and surfaces that must be highlighted in the final image. I was recently commisioned to shoot a matte black Lamborghini Aventador for Perillo Collision Center and it was no exception. 

It was shot at their garage with the intention of compositing it into a black background. The car was shot in multiple exposures and lit with a single Alien Bees B800 strobe in a standard reflector and overhead flourescent light. My lighting assistant and also an accomplished automotive photographer, Jeremy Cliff positioned the strobe for each exposure. Afterward I used photoshop to blend all the images together, replaced the background with black, and added in smoke and light flares from seperate images to polish it off.

  • Original01

    Strobe Lit - Exposure 1

  • Original01

    Strobe Lit - Exposure 2

  • Original01

    Strobe Lit - Exposure 3

  • Original01

    Added final strobe exposure and blended together in photoshop

  • Original01

    Masked out background and replaced with black

  • Original01

    Blended in smoke effects

  • Original01

    Added a white gradient to the windshield

  • Original01

    Light flares added to the background to enhance depth

  • Original01

    Final Image - Last adjustment was to shift the white balance to be slightly cooler

Above is a step by step explanation of the post processing process.

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Johan Lee

An automotive photographer based in the Chicago area.





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