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How to Pack Your Photo Gear - Andrew Link Photography

So I get this question a lot, "What do you bring to a photoshoot?" While there is no real catch all answer for that since every shoot is different and I'll need different gear depending on what I'm shooting, I have narrowed my gear down to what I bring on EVERY shoot. I have two Pelican cases built for traveling and when I need extra or specialized gear I just add it, but these two cases get me through just about any situation.

The video posted above shows the two cases and all the important toys they contain but I've also included a list below.

Packing Gear List

Pelican 1510 Case

FAA Approved Airline Legal Carry On Case - http://goo.gl/xisEF

1Canon 1DS-MKIII

2Canon 17-40L Lens

3Canon 24-70L Lens

4Canon 70-200L Lens

5Vulture Equipment Works A4 Camera Strap

6Really Right Stuff Tripod Head

7Really Right Stuff L-bracket Quick Release Plate

83 - Pocketwizard Transceivers

9Canon 1DS-MKIII Battery Charger & Extra Battery

10Lens Cloth

11Firewire and Usb 3.0 Cables for Hard Drives)

122 - Card Readers

13CF Card Wallet

142 - Lacie 500GB Rugged Hard Drives

15Grip Clamps


Pelican 1650 Case

The Lighting Case - http://goo.gl/2y07D

12 - Profoto Softboxes

23 - Profoto D1 heads (2x - 500 watts and 1x - 1000 watts)

3Profoto D1 10 degree grid

42 - Profoto Softbox Speed Rings

5Westcott Ice Light

6Various Chargers

7Profoto - Pocketwizard Cables

8Misc. Grip Stuff

9Profoto BatPac

Similar to the Alienbees Vagabond, this is my battery source for my strobes when I'm on location and don't have outlets to use.

Andrew Link

A commercial photographer and editor for RIDES magazine

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