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This image of a Lexus LFA driving along the coast in Big Sur, CA was shot at the beginning of the year. The kicker here is that I didn't shoot the car at that particular location at all. What I am about to show you goes against the photographer's code and I may be banned from the...... Nah I'm only joking. Image compositing is not a new technique and has been around for years. The trick with image composites is piecing the images together seemlessly so it does not look forced. Perspective, angle, lighting, and composition all play a major role here. 

The original shot below is what I took hanging out of a car window on the highway with the sun setting. As you can see the image is nothing special and the abundance of other cars on the freeway, light poles and electric lines detract the eye from the overall flow. However the intent of this shot was to capture the car in a moving state, while keeping it sharp and in focus, wheels in motion (at ISO 400 from a 1/80 shutter speed at 60 mph) and limit the overall reflections in the paint. From this image, the car itself would be masked out in Adobe Photoshop and composited into a completely different environment.

8533912429 Be6a76d661 BNikon D800E w/ Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 | 1/80 – ISO400 @ 60mph | © John Zhang

I had originally planned for this shot to be composited into an "endless" parking lot with mountains in the background along with some epic clouds. However, after a few hours post processing, I was just about ready to give up on this image as a whole. I set this image aside on my desktop for a week until one day I happened to be talking to Richard Thompson of Richard Thompson Photography and he told me he had the perfect background image for my rolling shot. On his recent trip to Big Sur, CA, he photographed numerous images of road environments to be used for this exact purpose. He was kind enough to let me use one as a base background. With this new-found hope, I ventured back to compositing the original shot of the Lexus LFA.

During the post processing workflow, one problem right off the bat was the overall lighting did not match both photographs so while I was putting the two images together, I had to be conscious of that and do my best to not bring attention to it. The motion of the background was added with Bleex. It is also important to note that when creating a composite image it is best to keep things as simple as possible. As the final image gets more and more complex it may detract from your overall subject. In this case the car. Hopefully this example gives readers some insight into my approach to automotive composite photography. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

{loadposition jz_lfa}

Above is a step by step explanation of the post processing process.

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CLS Shooting Brake: Post Processing http://www.motivelife.com/topics/knowledge/211-cls-shooting-brake-post-processing http://www.motivelife.com/topics/knowledge/211-cls-shooting-brake-post-processing Final Image | © Thomas Larsen

Wanted to share an image build from a recent CLS Shooting Brake shoot I just finished. One of my valued clients needed images of this car for an upcoming promotional / marketing campaign, and fast. With bad weather forecast for the coming days I decided to try a shot I've been wanting to do for some time – a tunnel rigshot.

Since we lacked a budget for proper location permits, it was impossible to set up and shoot the car in the tunnel, so the car and backplate were shot seperately, then combined in photoshop.

Below are my initial reference shots for the second image in this set.


Only one light (AlienBees B1600) was used to light the car – the first image in the slideshow below shows 11 different exposures masked together for the desired starting point. This process takes some experimenting with brush sizes, hardness and opacity before you get the hang of it. Once you do though, it's a really nice and time efficient way to create images otherwise only possible with more lights – and assistants – than you could possibly fit in your car.

Once the seperate exposures were combined the car was seperated from it's background and aligned with the tunnel backplate. Notes were made of tripod height, angle and distance between car and camera to make sure the two images would fit together. During the post processing workflow, a lot of time was spent drawing a new shadow under the car, adding spinning wheels, cleaning up the body panels and adjusting highlights, removing snow and unwanted reflections using various brushes, clone tool, patch tool, healing brush and curves adjustments. Global and local contrast and color adjustments were then made to complete the image.

{loadposition tl_cls}

Above is a step by step explanation of the post processing process.

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Photoshop Timelapse: Ferrari 458 http://www.motivelife.com/topics/work/201-photoshop-timelapse-ferrari-458 http://www.motivelife.com/topics/work/201-photoshop-timelapse-ferrari-458

A video timelapse of my post processing process of a Ferrari 458 from FIA GT1 and GT3 during staging in Moscow. The example is a bit blurry but still plenty useful to learn from.

realromus1984@gmail.com (Roman Lavrov) Work Tue, 12 Feb 2013 01:49:06 -0800
Photoshop Timelapse: GT-R & 458 http://www.motivelife.com/topics/work/200-photoshop-timelapse-gt-r-458 http://www.motivelife.com/topics/work/200-photoshop-timelapse-gt-r-458


It's always interesting to see different post processing workflows, after seeing GF Williams post up his post processing process of the GT86, I thought to share a time lapse of one of my edits as well. This shot is from a shoot I recently did with a Jotech Motorsports widebody Nissan GT-R painted in Lamborghini green (Verde Ithica) and a ridiculously awesome Ferrari 458 Spyder. I took several different exposures with different lighting setups, combined them, and did a couple more things. Enjoy!

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Demonstration in Photoshop - GT86 in a Hangar http://www.motivelife.com/topics/work/197-demonstration-in-photoshop-gt86-in-a-hangar http://www.motivelife.com/topics/work/197-demonstration-in-photoshop-gt86-in-a-hangar


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